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 Kit Masx | About Us

Hi, I'm Kevin, avid modeler and airplane enthusiast. I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my wife, Janelle. I'm a heavy-duty mechanic by day, and mask maker by night. 

I'd had a chance to use pre-cut masks before and loved them, but couldn't always find what I was looking for. Many masks were either out of stock, discontinued, or never created in the first place. So in June of 2020, I started making masks for myself, and then eventually...you!

For the last three years we've been sporadically adding to our mask inventory, but have really amped up production in the final months of 2023. We currently have over 250 mask sets and are adding more sets consistently every week!

With Kit Masx, our primary objective is to serve the hobby community by providing pre-cut masks for any project, including custom requests and made-to-order masks.

I'm grateful for the support of many influencers within this community and my fellow hobbyists who have used and talked about our masks to friends, groups, and forums. Many others have kindly sent me their canopy frames to mask and build our inventory.

Scott Van Aken has steadfastly reviewed MANY of our masks on his website, Modelling Madness, and several YouTubers, like Hammerhead Model Making, have spoken highly of our masks without solicitation. These are genuine and good guys who consistently create valuable and engaging content. I consider them integral to the global modeling community (even if they didn't say nice things about our masks). 😁

Most recently, near the tail end of 2023, I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on the Plastic Model Mojo podcast, which was an awesome experience even though I was super nervous for the first few minutes. But they made me feel so welcome that it didn't take long for me to relax and feel comfortable - just three guys talking scale modeling. No big deal.

Of course, Kit Masx wouldn't exist without Janelle, who manages all the day-to-day operations, making sure we show up regularly on Instagram and staying on top of a million other details, most of which I couldn't list if I tried. Our shared strengths and partnership make Kit Masx a family run business - and we wouldn't have it any other way.

To our existing and future customers, thank you! We appreciate you.

 Kevin and Janelle