Kit Masx | Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Kit Masx FAQ Page

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How do I use painting masks?

You can use painting masks to protect the clear parts of your model (like canopies or landing lights) while spraying around them. They can also be used to re-create the kit-provided decals (main markings) for a more realistic finish.

Always clean your parts before using masks. Remove any residual oils with soapy water. Use a pair of needle-nose tweezers to remove the mask from the sheet and apply. To remove the masks, use a toothpick to gently lift the edge and avoid scraping the painted surface.

Tip: Dip your clean parts in acrylic floor polish (like Future) and let them dry before applying masks. This hides imperfections and makes your clear parts look clean and clear. It also creates a pristine surface for mask adhesion (but isn't necessary).


Which is better, Tamiya tape or vinyl?

Our vinyl masks are flexible, adhere really well, and are easy to work with. However, vinyl doesn't have a long shelf life once it's cut because the masks shrink a little over time.

All of our masks are cut to order, so if you intend to use them within 6 months, vinyl is a great and more affordable option. If you're planning on storing them for a while (6 months or more), Tamiya tape is definitely better. If sealed properly, masks made from Tamiya tape can last for years.

For compound curves, we designed our masks to pair seamlessly with masking fluid regardless of whether you're using vinyl or Tamiya masks.

Both vinyl and Tamiya tape lift easily without leaving residue or lifting paint layers, and both leave a crisp clean paint masking edge.

In summary, the choice between vinyl and Tamiya tape masks comes down to how quickly you intend to use them and personal preference!


Why is there such a big price difference between vinyl and Tamiya tape for some of your products? 

First, the cost of Tamiya tape is about six times greater than vinyl. Second, Tamiya tape comes in a pre-determined sheet size rather than a roll like vinyl. This means there is less versatility when formatting masks for cutting. For example, some of our larger, more expensive masks sets require several sheets of Tamiya tape and only one square sheet of vinyl.