Made-to-Order Masks for Any Scale Model Project

Kit Masx | Get Free Masks for More than Just Planes

We get it, masking is frustrating! But we have an amazing option that will save you time, frustration, AND make your projects look award-worthy.🏅🏅🏅

If a mask set doesn't exist or is no longer in production for your current or pending project(s), send us your clear parts and wheels and we'll make masks FOR FREE!

🚩 We specialize in making masks for airplane scale models, but our made-to-order masking service is a great option for all your modeling interests from planes to cars, ships, trains, armor, science-fiction, and even Gundam! Whatever your project, we can help! Get started by filling out our Made-to-Order Mask Request Form.

Kit Masx | How Made-to-Order Works

The Steps:

  1. Verify that your mask set is not already scheduled for production by checking out our Coming Soon page.
  2. Complete our Made-to-Order Mask Request Form to secure a spot on our busy production schedule.
  3. Wait for a response from us (typically within 24-48 hours) to confirm that the mask for your kit is not already in production and to issue a completion date for your project.
  4. Pack and ship all clear parts and wheels for your kit. If you have several kits you want masks for, we recommend sending them all at once to save on shipping costs.
  5. Once your package is received, we'll send confirmation of receipt and record an "unboxing" video. We post all of our unboxing videos to Instagram, so make sure you follow us.
  6. Once your masks are completed (on your scheduled completion date), your parts and masks are shipped back to you with tracking and insurance. You can typically expect your package to arrive within 7-10 business days.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you send ALL the clear parts and wheels for each kit. If there are other options within the kit, please send clear parts for them as well, even if they are not necessary for your build. If parts are missing, we will pause production of your masks until we have all the necessary clear parts to make a complete mask set for our inventory.

Kit Masx | Masks for Decal Sheets

To request masks for the main markings, please scan the decal sheet at the highest resolution (1200dpi x 1200dpi) and email it to us. In the email, please make sure to include your name, an image of the corresponding kit boxing or the box number, and any special requests or instructions.

Kit Masx | Made-to-Order Masks - Here's What You Get

With your original parts, we'll send you:

👉 Up to three (3) sets of each mask (for the parts you sent us) in your choice of Oramask 810 Flexible Vinyl or Genuine Tamiya Tape, or both (if you're interested in comparing the vinyl to Tamiya tape).

👉 Free tracked return shipping (with insurance).

Kit Masx | Shipping Instructions for Made-to-Order Masks

When you're ready, please send your parts to:
Kit Masx | Shipping Address

IMPORTANT: Declaration of Value and Insurance

To avoid additional charges on our end when receiving your parcel (Canadian duties and taxes), please do one of the following:

  • Keep your declared value/insurance when shipping under $60 CAD and send your parcel as a "gift".
  • If you aren't comfortable sending your parcel as a "gift," please ensure the declared value/insurance is under $20 CAD.

If you choose to send your parcel with a declared value or insurance over $20 CAD, you will be responsible for the duties and taxes we must pay to Canadian Customs to claim your parcel. These charges range from $35-$70 CAD, depending on the declared value or insurance coverage you purchased when sending your package.

How to package your shipment:
  1. If sending multiple parts, package parts for each kit separately (Ziploc bags work well) and label.
  2. To keep the parts snug and stable, wrap them in bubble wrap or packing foam and place them in a box that's roughly the same size as the parts. Add crumpled paper in any gaps. Tape up the box securely and mark it as FRAGILE.
Once your package is shipped, please email us with tracking info.

Have questions? Email us anytime. Our time zone is PST and we usually respond within 12 hours.

Kit Masx | Get On the Wait List for Made-to-Order Masks

Due to the incredible demand for this service, the wait time is three to four months. Even if you're not ready to send your parts just yet, we recommend completing our Made-to-Order Mask Request Form as soon as possible to secure a spot on our busy production schedule.