Coming Soon!

Our Coming Soon collection features masks that are scheduled for production but are not yet available for purchase. They are listed by scale and then alphabetically by manufacturer.

We update this collection weekly so be sure to check back if you don't find what you're looking for. You can also request the production of a mask set from our inventory or suggest a kit for mask production via our Mask Request Form.

LAST UPDATED: Feb 4, 2024, 12:24 am PST

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Kit Masx | Made-to-Order Masks Currently in Production & Coming Soon

1:32 Scale

HK Models A-20G Havoc | ETA: 01-Apr-24

1:48 Scale

Accurate Miniatures B-25G Mitchell | ETA: 01-Apr-24
Hasegawa Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc | ETA: 04-Mar-24
ICM Ju 88C-6 | ETA: 04-Mar-24
Kinetic CF-104 Starfighter | ETA: 11-Mar-24
Special Hobby Heinkel He 115 "Scandinavian Service" | ETA: 18-Mar-24
Tamiya Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI | ETA: 04-Mar-24
Tamiya de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II | ETA: 04-Mar-24
Tamiya de Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.XIII/Mk.XVII | ETA: 04-Mar-24
Tamiya F4U-1/2 Bird Cage Corsair | ETA: 04-Mar-24
Tamiya NA RAF Mustang III | ETA: 04-Mar-24
Trumpeter Douglas C-47A Skytrain | ETA: 01-Apr-24
Zoukei-Mura Imperial Japanese Navy Fighter J7W1 "Shinden" | ETA: 08-Apr-24

1:72 Scale

A Model Beriev Be10 NATO Code Mallow Amphibious Bomber (New Tool) | ETA: 15-Apr-24
Academy F2H-3/4 Banshee | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Academy F2H-3/-4 Banshee | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Academy Minicraft PV-1 Ventura | ETA: 19-Aug-24
AZ model Bf.109G-12 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
ESCI Bell UH-1D Huey Hog | ETA: 19-Aug-24
ESCI DC-3 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
ESCI/Italeri//Hobbytime F-5A Freedom Fighter | ETA: 19-Aug-24
ESCI/Revell F-5B / Canadair CF-116 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Fly Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.31 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Fujimi Bell UH-1N Twin Huey | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Fujimi Boeing Vertol KV-107II-5 Shirasagi | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Fujimi Spitfire F Mk.14e | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Fujimi Westland Sea King | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Hasegawa Fw.190D-9 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Hasegawa Minicraft B-47E Stratojet | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Hasegawa Minicraft Beechcraft T-34A Mentor | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Hasegawa Mosquito B Mk.IV | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Hasegawa Mosquito FB Mk.VI | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Hasegawa TF-104G Starfighter | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Heller CL-215 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Heller DC-6B | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Hobbycraft CF-100 Mk.IV | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Hobbycraft CF-100Mk.V | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Hobbycraft DHC-4 Caribou | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Italeri Bell 412 / CH-146 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Italeri HORSA AS.51 glider | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Italeri Me.410 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
KP Cessna RCAF Crane | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Matchbox Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman | ETA: 19-Aug-24
MPC/Airfix TDB-1 Devastator | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Revell Arado Ar.240A-02 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Revell Arado Ar.240C-02 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Revell F-16A/C | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Revell F-16B/D | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Revell Ju.290A-5 | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Revell/Matchbox Twin Otter | ETA: 19-Aug-24
RS models NA-64 Yale RCAF Trainer | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Special Hobby RCAF Douglas Digby Mk.I | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Special Hobby RCAF Northrop Nomad Mk.I | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Special Hobby RCAF Vickers Delta Mk.II/Mk.III | ETA: 19-Aug-24
Sword Fiat G.55 | ETA: 19-Aug-24

 Kit Masx | Unscheduled Masks Coming Soon from Kit Masx Inventory

These are kits we currently have in our inventory but have not yet scheduled for mask production. If you would like us to create a mask set for any of the following kits, reach out by email and let us know! We typically complete a mask set request within 2-3 weeks.


1:32 Scale

Hasegawa Bf 109E

1:48 Scale

Academy Bf 109D
Academy Bf 109E-3
Academy T-33
Academy Ta 183
Accurate Miniatures F3F-2
AM Tech Ta 183
Classic Airframes He 112
Cyber Hobby Bf 110D-3
Czech Model A-8 Shrike
Dragon He 162D
Dragon Ta 152H-1
Falcon Clear Vax #15 Luftwaffe Pt 3
Falcon Clear Vax #16 Luftwaffe Pt 2
Falcon Clear Vax #31 RAF WWII
Falcon Clear Vax #33 IJNAF WWII
Falcon Clear Vax #37 WWII Fighters
Falcon Clear Vax #38 Luftwaffe Pt 4
Falcon Clear Vax #39 US Navy Pt 3
Falcon Clear Vax #40 RAF Pt 2
Falcon Clear Vax #53 US Navy Pt 4
Fujimi Me 109G/K
Hasegawa Bf 109E-4/7
Hasegawa Bf 109F-2
Hasegawa F-104G Starfighter
Hasegawa Ju 87B-2
Hasegawa Ju 87D-4
Hasegawa O-1 Bird Dog
Hasegawa SBD-3 Dauntless
Hasegawa Ta 152H-1
HiPM Arado Ar 196
HiPM He 100D
Hobbycraft Bf 109C
Hobbycraft Morane MS 410
Hobbycraft T-33
Italeri Bf 109K-4
Monogram A-4E Skyhawk
Monogram F-101 Voodoo
MPM Arado Ar 196
Replicast Me 209V-4
Special Hobby Arado Ar 96A
Tamiya A-1H Skyraider

1:72 Scale

Academy A-10A
Academy B-24H
Academy Boeing B-29A Superfortress
Academy F4U-1 Corsair
Academy Ju 87G-1
Academy OV-10A Bronco
Airfix Bf 110C
Airfix BoB Memorial (Old Tool Lanc, Hurri, Spit)
Airfix Bristol Beaufort Mk.1
Airfix Fw 190A-8
Airfix Handley Page Halifax B.III
Airfix He 111H-6 New Tool
Airfix Lockheed Hudson Mk.1
Airfix Saab Tunnan
Airfix Short Stirling B1/BIII
Airfix Skyraider
Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk.1a/c New tool
AZ Models Potez 540
Azur/Ffrom Fw 58B
Choroszy Modelbud Breda 33a39
Dragon He 162A-2
Eduard Bf 110E
ESCI Tu-22 Blinder B
Falcon Clear Vax #11 US Navy WWII Pt 2
Falcon Clear Vax #2 RAF WWII
Falcon Clear Vax #20 Italy WWII
Falcon Clear Vax #23 Italy WWII Pt 2
Falcon Clear Vax #25 IJNAF WWII Pt 2
Falcon Clear Vax #27 USAAF Pt 3
Falcon Clear Vax #28 Italy WWII Pt 2
Falcon Clear Vax #30 US in Foreign Service
Falcon Clear Vax #6 USAAF Fighters
Falcon Clear Vax #8 RAF Bombers WWII
Hasegawa G3M2/G3M3
Hasegawa Hurricane Mk.1
Hasegawa Kugisho P1Y1 Ginga
Hasegawa T-33A Shooting Star
Heller Amiot 143
Heller Fi 56/MS-500
Heller Ju 52/3M
Heller Saab Tunnan
Hobbycraft A-10A
Hobbycraft Su-25 Frogfoot
ICM Ki-21-1b Sally
Italeri Cant Z501
Italeri Fiat BR.20 Cicogna
Italeri Fw 189A-1 Uhu
Italeri He 111Z Zwilling
Italeri Hs 126
Italeri Ju 188 A1/E1
Italeri Ju 86
Italeri Junkers Ju 52
Italeri Me-323 Gigant
Italeri SM.82 Canguro
Matchbox He 70G-1
Matchbox Ju 188
Matchbox Saab Viggen SK.37
Matchbox Supermarine Stranraer
Matchbox Walrus Mk.1
Modelcraft Bristol Blenheim Mk.1/Mk.1F
MPM Fw 189B-0/B-1
MPM Fw 189V6
Pavla Hs 129A
Revell Blackburn Skua
Revell BV 222 V-2
Revell Fw 200C-5/C-8
Revell Handley Page Halifax MK.1/II/GRII
Revell He 177A-5
Revell He 70G-1
Revell Ju 52/3M
Revell Junkers G-24
Revell Me 262B-1a/U1
Revell Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman
RS Models Bf 109X
RS Models Caudron C-445
RS Models Ju 86R
Special Hobby Arado Ar 96B-1
Special Hobby CC&F Goblin Mk.1
Special Hobby Fairey Barracuda Mk.III
Special Hobby Fw 189B-0/B-1
Special Hobby HA-1112 M-1L Buchon
Tamiya Fw 190A-3
Tamiya Fw 190D-9
Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback
Trumpeter F-107A Super Sabre
Trumpeter Fw 200C-3
Valom Bristol Bombay Mk.1
Valom Fokker F.VIIb/3m (Spanish Civil War)
Valom Fokker T.V (Luftwaffe)

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